The valley of Gurez hold in their hearts paradise and this trekking holiday epitomizes that. These treks takes you through the old trade routes of the Gujjars, past high-altitude lakes reflecting the beauty of the surrounding peaks, forests of conifers and alpine meadows of wildflowers. There are numerous lakes and meadows waiting to be explored.

The Gurez Great Lakes Trail is one of the most gorgeous trekking trails one can be on. The astounding snow-clad Himalayas towering high over meadows brimming with wildflowers, wooded valleys, glaciers and still sapphire lakes are a sight you won't forget anytime soon. Camping on the banks on the lakes, with only the moon and constellations for company is the zenith of serenity.

Major Attractions

The Major attractions of the Gurez valley are:

Razdan Pass:

It is the highest point between Gurez and Bandipora road, and is situated at an altitude of 3300m. The Razdan Pass provides some of the most breathtaking views of the mountains and the gorges.


Dawar is the central block of the Gurez valley spread across over fifteen villages. It provides you the experience of country side and calm life of the locals.


Harmukh is a mountain with a peak elevation of 5,142 metres (16,870 ft), in Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir. Harmukh is located between Gangabal Lake in the south and KishanGanga-Neelum River in the north. The snow clad Harmukh peak provides quite a spectacular view from the Gurez valley

Tulail Valley:

Tulail is situated at a distance of around 40kms from Dawar, it’s a cluster of 5-10 villages. The area is famous for its fisheries and especially the freshwater trout.

Habba Khatoon:

It’s a pyramid like rocky mountain that you will observe when you arrive Dawar, it was named after the Kashmiri poetess Habba Khatoon. It’s believed she used to wander in search of her husband while he was arrested by Akbar. The mountain stands tall by the KishanGanga rivers and gives a scintillating view.

Best time to visit:

As the area remains cutt off from rest of the valley during winters, it opens in April-May and the best time to visit is May, June, July, August and September.

Weather In Gurez

The weather in Gurez is typical Kashmir weather with the mercury dipping upto -10’C in winters and summers seeing a maximum of 27o C.

Mobile Network

Only BSNL has a couple of telecom networks in Gurez valley, which tend to work intermittently. (You might need to switch to the traditional PCO in Dawar).

Travel advisories

It’s a militarized zone, carrying ID and relevant document would be necessary.
Fishing in Gurez requires prior permission from JK Government Fisheries office in Bandipora.